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1989 Established for the purpose of agricultural spraying components production

1994 With the introduction of its new management Timsan started to perform the distribution of important Italian agricultural machinery component manufacturers products; such as Italian agricultural pump manufacturer Annovi Reverberi , accessories manufacturers Arag and Braglia, transmission system producer Bondioli Pavesi.

2003 Under newly formed “timfog” brand Timsan started designing fogging system application for various industrial and agricultural applications

2008 Until 2012 Timsan realized export sales to following countries: Belgium, Pakistan, India, Azerbaijan; Tunisia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Romania, Slovakia, Iran etc…

2009 Started the production of patented “Anti-frost machine”

2013 In the wake of reorganization Timfog Enginnering Inc. established and Timsan split into 2 totally different and independent companies. Timfog Inc. concentrates on engineering projects whereas Timsan concentrates only on trading activities of agricultural machinery equipment.

Timsan continues its services with increased capital; concentrates only on trading agricultural machinery components both to Turkish manufacturers and also to manufacturers located in the neighboring countries of Turkey.